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Human Resource Service specialists in
Semiconductor domain

our domains


Analog & Digital 

Design & Verification


Operating System, Embedded, Firmware, Device Drivers 

Wireless Technologies

802.11. 4G, 5G, LTE, WLAN

DOMAINS offerings

Semiconductor and Embedded

 Analog Design (Circuit design, layout, IO design, standard cell, memory design), Digital Design (hardware design/ system design, board design, processor verification, processor design, SOC verification, SOC design, DFT, FPGA, DSPs, STA, Physical design, CAD) etc 

Operating System, Virtualization

Operating system development, Low level drivers ( AIX, HP-UX, Netapp,  Veritas,  Linux, Solaris ), Virtualization, hypervisor,  Xen, VMware, SDN, NFE 

Wireless Technologies & Mobile

WLAN, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 - Wi-Fi, WiMax, IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee, LTE, 5G 

Android, IOS


SAP Functional, SAP BASIS, SAP ABAP, Oracle Technical & Functional, Oracle Aps DBA 


Embedded Software, Firmware, Device Driver, Virtualization, Operating system 

IT & Infrastructure

 Information Security, Network Admin, DBA, Unix Admin, Application Support, Windows Admin 


semiconductor hardware skills

  • Hardware Design: Hardware architect, SoC design, Transport design,  Processor design, 
  • Verification: Processor verification, SoC verification,  
  • Validation: SoC validation, Pre silicon validation, Post silicon validation 
  • FPGA and Board Design
  • Analog Circuit Design, Memory circuit design

semiconductor software skills

  • DSP: Algorithm design, Developers, Architects
  • Virtualization: Hypervisor , Zen, Hyper-v
  • Embedded Systems – Embedded Linux, PSOS, Nucleus, Free BSD, Net-BSD
  • Transport Software: OTN, Ethernet drivers
  • Embedded Software CPU: ARM, Cavium, Mips
  • Embedded QA
  • Storage Drivers, Linux Drivers, Low Level Firmware Drivers, Linux Internals
  • Flash Drivers,Nand, USB, SATA, PCIe, Ethernet


Pradeep Dharane (Managing Director – Applied Micro –India )

The Mulya Technologies is our recruiting partner since when we were in process of setting our Design center in Pune 2008, Uday Bhaskar, is Founder of The Mulya Technologies and he is providing an extraordinary support in recruiting good hires at our Pune and Bangalore Design centers.  He has very good connect in industry and understands skill set requirement very well because of that turnaround time of recruitment cycle is very less.

Satya Reddy (CEO-Mila Software)


“Mulya Technologies (Uday's recruiting firm) recruited my India team when I founded Mila, a technology start-up. Uday is very entrepreneurial and clever recruiter. He was very quick in generating resumes and setting up interviews. He was very valuable to us through out our operation in India, assisting us HR policies including assistance in attrition. 

Kiran Buch (Director-Sandisk-USA)

 “Uday provided excellent recruiting support and identified crucial initial hires when I was in the process of setting up a captive Design Center in India. Many of the early hires are still with us and have played an important role in building the foundation of the India Design Center. Uday has demonstrated very good resourcefulness and relationship building skills with a focus on delivering results in quick turnaround time.  

Arokia. Manager , Freescale Semiconductor (India) Pvt Lt

 “Uday helped to hire skilled engineers for the Baseband Layer-1 team. He was very meticulous in terms of scanning the persons for the kind of persons I was looking, their background study, the behavioral aspects of the persons to make the hiring smooth. He was passionate about the job and very professional in HR handling. Thanks for the support provided and wish him all the best. 

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Mulya Technologies is focused on Semiconducor and Embedded clients resourcing. If you have a specific need of resource partner in product domains, please reach out to us.

Experience candidates can send us resume and we will revert back with matching opportunities.

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